Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Breaking Smack

Tonight, at 8pm (eastern US/Canada timezone), begins the draft for the Spew's Breaking Bad Breaking Deadpool.  Folks will comment on the post I put up at 8pm to enter their picks on who they think will survive the remaining eight episodes.  Maybe all of them will, but given that Walter White watched Scarface and noted that "Everyone dies," I am thinking perhaps not so many will survive.

Each player will draft two characters.  The draft order for the first round, as posted before is:
  1. Noah Chestnut (@noahchestnut)
  2. Brandon Valeriano (@drbvaler)
  3. Robert Chasen (via fb)
  4. Rodger Payne (@rodgerpayne)
  5. Chip Gagnon (via fb)
  6. Kristy Caruso (@siteseers)
  7. Caitlin Fitzgerald (@caidid)
  8. Will McCants (@will_mccants)
  9. Kelsey Atherton (@athertonKD) 
  10. Wendy Wasserman (@wjw26)
  11. Sara Mitchell (via fb)
  12. Mark Jarvis (@markdjarvis)
In the second round, the order is inverted so Mark picks 1st, Sara 2nd and so on.  

Chip complained that there had been no smack talk thus far.  So, I am posting this morning this list with a few insights about the various players so that people who don't know each other can have some material with which to snark/smack.

  • I don't know anything about Noah aside from his tweets and his twitter profile.  
  • Brandon is new to Scotland and tends to conflict with me over TV shows and movies.  In other words, except for BB, he has lousy taste.  
  • Rob and I went to high school, and he observed some of my more embarrassing moments (he was in the same French class), so I will not give any clues about how best to attack him except he does live in NY--whatever that entails. 
  • Rodger Payne is a department chair--which raises all kinds of questions about his judgment after having a cool gig running the Grawemeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order.  
  • Chip lies flat while bicycling all over New York and elsewhere. 
  • Kristy is an Australian so, um, I will just avoid tangling with her.  Caitlin runs the amazing vehicle for self-promotion known as Twitterfight Club, and is a bit too enthused about all things Boston.  
  • Will McCants is the Patron Saint of the terrorism cottage industry, so blame him for all of the threat inflation and over-reaching. 
  • Kelsey helps to run a blog that combines Star Wars and national security stuff: http://blogtarkin.com/.  So, think strategically when attacking him because it could be a trap.
  • Wendy went to the same high school as Rob and I.  She enjoys her booze and her dog, but mostly her booze, at least given the ratio of pics of cocktails to dogs on her FB page.  She also goes for guys with nice cars, if nothing has changed in nearly thirty years.
  • Sara Mitchell is a sucker for more work, so invite her to run a new organization or something to keep her distracted during the game.  Oh, only her laugh rivals my own in terms of volume/piercing-ness.
  • Mark is perhaps more obsessed with his dog Rudy than anyone else on this list is obsessed about anything.  
So, them's the players.  Their true character will be revealed by the choices they make (I am a Potter-ite).  Then the smackage will truly begin.  See you at 8pm tonight here at the Spew.

Oh, and Vegas has Rob as the favorite (I still don't understand how he was not our valedictorian, instead, my Dad's heart doctor was).  Plus as a NY-er, Rob is very familiar with math.  The darkest dark horse in this race is Brandon, not just because he is living in Scotland these days but because he is a lousy gambler.  The sneaky choice to quietly slip ahead of everyone would be Will since he understands criminal enterprises the best--after all, he runs the terrorism studies cottage industry--which itself is a criminal enterprise if you believe certain semi-journalists.  Sara is also sneaky--her hard work produces heaps of output--but you would not know it because she seems to be on the tennis courts when she is not closing down bars in Budapest.


Rob Chasen said...

Three words, Steve: Mrs. Cow Manure.
Given the aptitude you displayed in High School French class, it's ironic, reconnecting with you 25 years later, that I find you living in one French-speaking city after another. My guess is that your death-pool skills are better than your French skills.

Rob Chasen said...

i wonder if I've ever seen Chip doing his recumbent cycling on the Hudson River bike path? I commute on that path a few days a week, and I do see a couple guys regularly lying down on the job

Will McCAnts said...

So we're competing for the Shiva, right? And do we post our picks here or tweet them at you helter-skelter?

Chip said...

Rob, never biked on that. Steve did forget to mention that I also have an upright road bike... And I'm ending four years as chair of my department which will be my excuse if I totally strike out -- too many brain cells wasted in pointless and endless meetings/bickering colleagues/paperwork...

And let's hope Steve's french skills are better than his death pool skills!

Sara said...

So I work too hard and have too much fun? What kind of smack talk is that?

Maybe Steve could have made this an INTERESTING pool by having us choose those who die.

Steve Saideman said...

I will be posting a new blog post where you post the draft picks in the comments.

Unknown said...

I'm doing this from work so bear with me. I don't dare text and drive ...

Wendy said...

oh crap, I'm unknown. Great ... did this work? did I do it right yet?

Rob Chasen said...

Wendy, seems to be working now

Chip said...

@Rob, never biked there, also I do usually ride an upright road bike... btw after four years as chair of dept I have an excuse if I mess up here, given the brain cells sacrificed to meetings/ crazy colleagues/ paperwork.