Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Spew Contest: Best Airport Code

YOW is the designation for the Ottawa airport.  Having that for an airport in a national capital is too perfect.

So, the challenge, dear readers, is this: are there any contenders among the world's airport codes for suitable match?  Or at least amusing?  Winner gets my undying admiration.

Update: so far, the suggestions have been ironies (Singapore and SIN, Helsinki and HEL) and amusing (BAD, SUK), but appropriate?  


William B. Heller said...

I like HEL, but particularly if you manage to catch flight #666...

KN said...

BAD: Barksdale AFB
SUK: Samcheok Airport, South Korea

Thanks, google.

Roderick said...

SIN - Singapore

Daniel Solomon said...

SEX: Sembach, in Germany. This is pretty obvious, man.

Steve Saideman said...

Ok, my views on these suggestions:
HEL only works if Helsinki is hell-ish. It might be the most ironic airport code, but most appropriate?

BAD does not work because Barksdale is not a city, just a guy who used to run the drug trade in part of Baltimore.

SUK? What city is it attached to? What about the city sucks?

SIN is ironic, competing with Helsinki, but is it apt?

SEX? What do I not know about Sembach?

Brad said...

Random thoughts:

I kind of wish Ted Stevens International's code was TED instead of ANC, but obviously one predates the other. But c'mon, that'd be awesome.

LED is just great because Piter's no longer Leningrad, of course.

Kansas City has MCI, for Mid-Continent International, which is just an overall sad story: wanted but couldn't get KCI as the code, and the airport was planned to be TWA's hub... all of which fizzled (appropriate considering the city, really).

I've always thought LAX was kind of great, given the (granted faded over the years) stereotype of Southern California as relaxed.

And I wonder if Dan Savage knows there's an airport with GGG as it's code.