Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bonding Asymptotically

I spent last weekend touring a couple of colleges with Teen Spew who is nearly Adult Spew and College Student Spew.  We had a good time, had great weather as we drove south to the land of expensive liberal arts colleges.  She fell in deep like (maybe love) with one and not so much with the other. 

The biggest surprise thus far: that people comment how nice it is for my daughter and I to bond.  It is as if my daughter and I have not been sufficiently bonded before now.  I was pretty sure that we could not bond much closer, and when I brought it up at dinner, Teen Spew invoked her Heisenberg-derived knowledge and immediately pondered fusion--any tighter binding and we might explode... Or something like that. 

This is not our first road trip, of course, although usually we have Mrs. Spew along.  Still, my interests and my daughter's are sufficiently compatible that we go to movies together, even if it is embarassing to be seen with me.  She has forced me to catch up on Buffy, and I, not wanting to double our downloading bill, insisted on watching Orange is the New Black with her (sure, some uncomfortable scenes).  Her failed summer project was to go through my old comic book collection. 

While I fear about her desire to work in the film/television industry behind the cameras might lead to unemployment, I cannot help but admire her for doing what I did not have the guts to do.  I was interested in such stuff, but gave up even as I started college.  Which meant I failed to get into the Intro to Acting course, which required a more serious dedication... at least I think that is why I did not get into the class. 

Anyhow, the point here is that we are bonded pretty sufficiently, and I am puzzled why folks would think that were not already. 

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L'il Steve said...

It depends upon who's doing the commenting. I suspect it's people who don't actually know you all that well and just assume that dads don't actually have much in common with or spend much time with their teenage daughters.