Thursday, October 17, 2013

Squirrel? No, Chicken

I have not posted much on the budgetary politics in the US of late.  Was it too depressing?  Was I too busy checking out US universities for Teen Spew?  Was it too depressing?  Were grant applications taking more of my time?  Was it too depressing?  Did I have nothing to say?  Well, I think it was too depressing.  I am not an Americanist, but that has never stopped me before.  This time, I just didn't want to watch the train wreck.  It was, of course, hard to avoid, but I managed at least not to write much about it. 

Now we can move on ... until this happens all over again in January.  The question is whether the Republicans have a learning curve or not.  I am not very confident that they do.  After all, budgetary crises are just as addictive as oreos.


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