Thursday, October 3, 2013

How Awful is the GOP?

Very.  Very, very.  I have my one token Redstate-r in my twitter feed talking about how Obamacare (or the ACA as it is officially known and which gets heaps of support) does not help the poor.  Well, yeah, in GOP controlled states that have refused to participate.  The program was designed to subsidize states as they expended Medicaid, but states could and did opt out. 

Why?  Perhaps because it increased costs to states, but perhaps because the Republicans really suck at being Christians.  I am not a Christian, but I do seem to remember hearing about Christ talking about the meek and taking care of the poor and such.  This map is so very instructive.  Red states are red states in this map for a reason--GOP controlled states are doing less to help the less fortunate.  This is not that surprising, but given the policy options out there, it is still appalling.  And to have GOP folks say that Obamacare does not help the poor?  Only because the law gives Republicans some influence on this stuff.  Otherwise, well, yeah, it would.

Kind of like the shutdown: It is Obama's fault because he is unwilling to compromise by giving the GOP what they want.  Just take the loss and move on.  I  know, I know, the GOP cannot face Obama actually winning on something and having a legacy.  I get that, but given the economic hit the country is taking for the shutdown, it might just be time to move on. 

Of course, fear of being outflanked in primaries is driving much of this.  I get that, too.  Sucks to be the GOP, reaping the whirlwind.  It may not affect the House that much, given the safety of the seats, but I can see the GOP losing yet another chance to win the Senate as they nominate a bunch of even more extreme folks in the next primary season.  I really thought that the Republicans would win the Presidency after Obama, but they are doing a fine job of hurting their national brand and tainting a variety of alternative candidates. 

I guess it would not be Christian of me to engage in just a bit of schadenfreude as I watch the Republicans tear apart their party.  Then again, unlike the hypocritical GOP, I never claimed to be holier than thou.

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