Sunday, October 13, 2013

The State of the Union: It Does Not Suck

With so much attention on the DC dysfunction and the polarization of the country by parties, it is easy to forget that the American people are pretty damned helpful when they are not shooting each other.

This weekend ends the second major college tour for Teen Spew.  We received much assistance along the way this time as we traveled in the LA area, just as we had many conversations with friendly folks in the state of New York.  Not only did a friend's daughter put my daughter up for one night back east, but two sets of friends found students who gave us tours for those places we wanted to tour on weekends.  Big universities out west seem to keep their admissions office closed on Saturdays, not to mention Sundays, so we needed help for our four day, four U trip.  And we got it.

Moreover, as we navigate strange colleges/universities and their towns/cities, we encountered many friendly folks along the way.  We got some cool insights, some shared tales, and some great service.

This adventure is not yet over, as we have one more East Coast trip and one more Canadian trip.  I am looking forward to these adventures as the more folks we meet, the more good experiences we have.  I guess it is a good thing my kid is no interested in DC where we might bump into Congress people.

Anyhow, it is easy to see the negative stuff out there, but the country is pretty resilient and people do help each other.  Even helping out the wacky ex-pats from up north.

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