Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Big Puzzle of College Tours: My Emerging Flora/Fauna Obsession

 Spending a few days in LA, checking out colleges and giving a talk at Pomona College.  The funny thing is that in these college trips, I tend to focus on the trees. 



 Our tour was taunted by this squirrel--the loudest one I have ever encountered.

Not a tree but a funky cactus--heaps of interesting cacti at Pitzer.

Reminds me of when I visited San Diego as a prospective grad student--I took heaps of pics of palm trees. 

I may not want my daughter to go to school so far away, but I could not blame her if she did.  The bright side of tectonic instability is some beautiful scenery--lots of hills, mountains, canyons--which makes for fun drives.  Once again, as I wander around California, I wonder why I left.  Sure, there is that employment thing, but I do love Southern California--the weather today was just wonderful, and there is much excellent Mexican food ahead.  It probably goes without saying but blogging/tweeting will be light.

All I can say is that I get mighty comfy out here:
All I know is that if I taught out here, my classes would be outside all the time. 

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