Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Quebec's Identity Politics Explained Articulately

No, not by me.  When you want a sharp, erudite, articulate take on identity politics, go to Jacob Levy, my former colleague (we fight about who is the other older brother in our relation of chain-pulling/teasing):

Jacob really says it so very well--that the PQ's strategy is to polarize the public and split the CAQ's voters.  The anchor was shocked that this is so calculated, and I guess I am, too.  Not that identity politics is a rational game of using identity cynically to stay in power and get more power (I have been believing that since I started my dissertation).  No, that the PQ is doing it well.  Recently, the party seemed to be incredibly inept.  But, aside from that whole "we cannot govern" thing, the party seems to have figured out how to put its opposition in a difficult spot.  And may win a majority soon.

So, this really is my morning of being thankful I left Quebec.

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