Monday, January 6, 2014

The Silliest of Lists: Bestseller!

I am so delighted that the box of NATO books came today.  The book has been a fountain of fun as our hard work is now finally tangible (unless you buy the kindle version, then not so tangible).

Part of the fun has been seeing who we are now beating on the various Amazon bestseller lists.  No, not the main list--ha.  The various sublists like books > history > Asia > Afghanistan (17th in Canada) or Kindle > kindle ebooks > politics and social science > politics > international > diplomacy.

I don't really care what counts and what does not count on these lists or how the methodology is constructed.  As long as we get some fun outcomes, I am fine with however these things are constructed.  Like:
  • Outselling Condi Rice, as I am not her biggest fan (, diplomacy list).  
  • Outselling Noam Chomsky, as, well, you can guess (, international institutions)
  • Outselling Musketry Regulations, as that is simply cool.  (, miltiary life and institutions)
  • Outselling George Kennan, even though his being dead for quite a while gives us a bit of an advantage (, international diplomacy).
This is all very silly since selling well this week, with well measured in a dozen or two sales here and there.  But I can take my joy where I can get it. 

This book was fun to research, fun to co-write, and now fun to promote. 

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