Thursday, January 23, 2014

Token Post/Tweet of the Day

Having finished a draft of my current book project, I am now struck by writer's bloc.  I have many short things to write for a variety of outlets to promote the NATO book, but the best I can do write now is a pithy tweet:
No, I am not a fan of Robert Kaplan's work (see here or here or here).

Oh wait, speaking of Kaplan, I forgot to mention anywhere this week my encounter with someone with regressive views of ethnicity and conflict.  I was part of a panel at the University of Ottawa on the defence policies of the Conservative government of Canada.  Fun stuff!  A guy in the front row asked us about the great threat posed to Canada by the increased Mexicanization of the U.S. and the likely civil war.  I scoffed and scorned as I linked him with Sam Huntington.  And he left.  Whoops.

Anyhow, I hope this snark helps kick start my writing engines, as book promotion requires more than just showing up in fun places.

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