Monday, April 21, 2014

Resiliency FTW

I am chock full of cheer today, as I see pics tweet by on my twitter feed and on my facebook page of folks participating in the Boston Marathon.  The efforts by two terrorists to sow fear have apparently failed.  Yes, they caused grievous harm, including killing three people and injuring far more.  But if they are/were self-styled terrorists, their goal was to more than maim and kill but to create a reaction, to create fear.

Instead, what we see today, albeit with amped up security presence, are people embracing the special day in Boston and celebrating their ability to run, to ride, to walk, to observe the event.  The usual mantra is "we have to do x or the terrorists will win."  Well, here, we see the terrorists losing.  Why?  Because Bostonians and Americans more generally are resilient.  More than folks have generally thought.  This is important because anti-/counter-terrorism efforts can never been 100% as much as we would like.  Stuff is going to happen.  That we can overcome it and move on is key.

Today, we are getting a very visible illustration of this resiliency that is so important.  So, we should not only enjoy the reality that the Tsarnaevs failed (yes, we can call them losers), but also take much pride in knowing that such nihilists can be overcome by people just enjoying what they do.

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