Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Most Unrealistic Part of Cap America 2

Spoilers dwell slightly below:

The part of the movie that confused me the most: the hearing at the end of the movie.  Was that the Joint Chiefs of Staff along with the Sec Def?  It was not a Congressional committee, and the symbol behind the committee of dudes seemed to refer to OSD.  If Natasha was meeting with a Congressional Committee, there would be no dudes with military uniforms.

Otherwise, the movie was quite spiffy.  I am not sure it was the best Marvel movie--people seem to be saying that since it does a nice job of dealing with the war on terror--as I liked the first Iron Man movie, the Avengers movie, and the first Cap movie quite a bit.  But definitely a successful, fun flick.

Anyhow, heaps of fun Marvel-related movies ahead by multiple studies--Spidey 2 or 5, Guardians of the Galaxy, and the next X-movie. 

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R. William Ayres said...

I noticed the same thing - I was confused by the mix of civilians and military on the "committee" she was answering to, as well as the odd circular table around which they sit (doesn't look like any Congressional hearing room I've seen, though I haven't seen them all). And does the Joint Chiefs body have the power to subpoena people to appear before them? I wouldn't think so. I think that scene was constructed purely for its visuals by Hollywood people who, though they did write a good movie, don't know much about the political apparatus of the US.