Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Embarrassing Pop Culture Confessions

I cannot believe I did not see this whole video before now:

I did belatedly become a Weezer fan, as I tended to lose to old music in the early 90's and only discovered much of the 1990s stuff right around the time I got an iPod and got onto iTunes.  My realization that a heap of songs that I liked were by Weezer was kind of like my realization in the late 80s that much of what I had liked was either Steve Miller or the Eagles.

So, finding this video, thanks to the Grantland story on the 20th anniversary of Weezer's debut album, was quite delightful.  I, of course, grew up with Happy Days, so I enjoyed watching the splicing of various HP episodes with this song, even if it violated the time line (Al and Arnold?).

Anyhow, I am embarrassed to admit that I had not seen this video until now. 


L'il Steve said...

Love Weezer. Somewhat appreciated in the 1990's, but mostly so in the past 5 years or so. Super excited to see them live in June.

Anita said...

MTV was banned in the area of Arkansas where I grew up. So happy to finally see this!