Thursday, May 1, 2014

Figuring out the Rules

When I suggested that Rule  #4 was: Don't Read Robert Kaplan, Max Fisher asked the natural question of what are rules #1-3.  Damn good question, because I have multiple rules #1 and no 2 or 3.  Indeed, that is why I chose #4 for Kaplan since I knew I had #1 down.

Ok, let's enumerate:
  1. Just because you learned something does not mean it belongs in the work (article/chapter/dissertation/book).  So important for those who supervise/grade/edit.
  2. Be kind to staff.  Really
  3. Read good stuff for style as well as content to improve one's writing.  Of course, this logically then implies the next rule.
  4. Don't Read Robert Kaplan (the collorary is try to avoid citing Sam Huntington's work written after 1990).
  5. Don't pad your CV.  This actually fits into the larger category of: don't do crap that you think makes yourself look good that doesn't.  Like playing with the margins, font sizes, etc.
I probably have other rules (always talk about twitterfightclub), but them's my top five.


William B. Heller said...

Top four, eh?

SamStanton said...

Thanks for letting me figure out rule 4 on my own in grad school.