Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Wired Candidate

Blogging, like comedy, is all about timing.  I just started re-watching The Wire as Frosh Spew has never seen it.  And then this hits twitter:
The answers come quickly:  Omar?  Bunny Colvin?  Slim Charles?  One of the Sobotkas?  The Greek?  Ziggy (no, that was Jeb's brother). 

The obvious answer in this case is probably the best one: Tommy Carcetti.  Yes, the guy who became Mayor and then Governor is my best guess for who Jeb Bush would most be like (and probably whom the Obama staffer has in mind).

Why?  Because Carcetti looks damned earnest, seems like a good guy, has some good ideas.  Which he progressively sells out to get into office, stay and then move up.  Among the most profoundly disappointing, frustrating, and heart-breaking characters in The Wire, Carcetti is near the top.  Why?  Because of what he could have been. 

We are that stage of the 2016 campaign where candidates emerge and seem wonderful because they are different from the standard candidates.  However, they will become less appealing once they have to run, which means promising to do stuff (some of which some people will dislike) and will have to talk to the media and debate other candidates.  So, high expectations will lead to broken hearts.  Jeb is better positioned to do this than most, having taken stances seem to be brave.  But he will give into the pressures of the primaries and pander. 

Maybe other folks know Jeb better and can come up with a better match?


AK said...

The funny thing is that the character that the Obama staffer actually said was ... Cutty.

Rob Chasen said...

He's like Cutty, he's been out of the game for 12 years. This is perfectly apt.

Steve Saideman said...

Ah, got it. Not nearly as fun. On the other hand, Cutty has now lost many loved ones and has joined a group of survivors as he faces the zombies....