Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Movies of 2015

Tis time to rank the year's stuff.  I have not posted as much pop culture stuff in 2014 (at least as far as I can remember) as I have been so busy flogging the book and doing other stuff.
  1. The movie that surprised me the most, made me laugh the hardest, and nearly caused the entire family to have rib-muscle pulls was:  The Lego Movie.  Indeed, Everything is Awesome.
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy.  Pretty close to the Lego Movie, but not quite as surprising.  A heap of fun, great action, great raccoon, great Groot.  
  3. Captain America Winter Soldier.  Great action and major shift in the Marvel Universe. 
  4. The second most surprising movie was The Edge of Tomorrow.  Not quite as terrific as CapAmerica 2: More Captain, Less America, but quite good.  And Team Spew loves Emily Blunt.
  5. X-Men Days of Future Past.  A hard movie to make, but they did a very good job with a very crowded movie.   More Kitty would have been better, but I understand the choice to rely on the dude with claws.
  6. Top Five.  Just saw it--found it provocative and very funny in short bursts.  Some great performances.
  7. The Monuments Men.  Got treated poorly, but showed a dimension of the war of which I was previously ignorant.
  8.  Godzilla was entertaining.
Didn't see that many movies this year.  We tended to save the comedies for watching at home and then forgot to catch them.  Lots of travel got in the way, I suppose. I did watch many bad movies on planes this year, as I tried a new strategy of watching movies I would otherwise never see.  It worked. 

Speaking of bad movies, I guess the worst movies I saw were 3 Days to Kill and the Jack Ryan movie.

The movie I most want to see, having missed it?  Zombeavers?  Dead Snow 2? Life After Beth? YEs, more zombie movies....

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