Thursday, December 18, 2014

Anybody Got a Learning Curve to Spare?

This tweet has me miffed this morning:

This statement could be true, but it is likely to cause more problems for the military than solve.  That is, it is unlikely that no civilians were harmed in the 1.3k strikes.  So why say "none"?  All it takes is for one to make General Terry look like a liar. 

The tendency to be overly optimistic and to downplay mistakes creates credibility gaps.  It may cause people to doubt not just the immediate statement but whatever else the military says.

So, I really wish  General Terry and other military officers to be a little less "we make no mistakes" and a bit more " we are doing really well but we are not perfect." 

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Unknown said...

With the few or "no boots" on the ground to conduct the battle damage assessment of the strikes I find it very difficult to believe that General Terry is able to unequivocally make that statement. In fact, throughout the current bombing campaign there have been several activists and open source media outlets who state that civilian casualties are in the hundreds...that's a stretch from zero.