Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Belated Mad Men Game

I have been busy with other stuff, so the Mad Men Dead Pool will be holding a moderated draft.  I will take lists of twenty characters (IMDB is your friend) from each contestant of who they think are likely candidates to die, and then use them to draft for each player.

We have five players, and I have used cards to choose the draft order:
  1. Wendy goes first since she "drew" the 9 of clubs;
  2. Will goes second since he "drew" the 7 of spades;
  3. Noah goes third since he "drew" the 5 of diamonds;
  4. Rob  goes fourth since he "drew" the 2 of spades and then the seven of hearts and then the Queen of diamonds to break the ties with
  5. Chip who goes fifth since he "drew" the 2 of diamonds, then the seven of clubs before the eight of spades.
With a snakelike draft, I will take the top choice from Wendy's list and put that player in Wendy's pool. I will then take the top choice from Will's list (excluding Wendy's choice) and put that player in Will's pool.  I will then take Noah's top choice (excluding the Mad Men cast members already picked) and so on. 

The order will be Wendy, Will, Noah, Rob, Chip; Chip, Rob, Noah, Will, Wendy; and then repeated.  So, each player will have four players in their dead pool.  The one with the most dead Mad Men characters wins.  Deaths must be confirmed.  If off screen, then we will need on screen discussion to be definitive.  I will, of course, make all decisions and am the final arbiter.  It is my game ;)

I forget what folks suggested as tie breakers which were excellent, so each player will submit not just a list of ten names with the characters they think will die (most likely at the top, less likely at the bottom), but also their favorite tie breaker.  I will then quickly decide which tie breaker is the one I will use and then get their answers for the tie breaker.

Ok?  Clear?  Maybe not.  Well, let's see how it goes.  The deadline for the draft lists is Saturday at 5pm EDT via email. If the contestants cannot figure out my email, they deserve to lose.  That way, I can "run" the draft Sunday morning and have it posted before the first episode of this last set of seven episodes.

Okey dokey!

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