Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Breaking Badder: Mad Men Dead Pool

Image result for mad menIn the grand tradition of the Spew, I am running a Mad Men Dead Pool for the last part of the last season of Mad Men.  Yep, we missed the chance to include Robert Morse's Bertram Cooper.  But we have a whole host of folks who might pass on before the last episode ends. 

To be clear, this is about who dies and not who lives (the who survived Breaking Bad game got complicated due to this point).  We will be holding a draft before April (the remaining episodes are televised in April and May) where people will take turns picking characters from the Mad Men universe.  The winner of the contest will be the person who picks the most characters who die during those final eight episodes.  Yes, a death montage a la Six Feet Under would count.  To count, the character has to be clearly dead--comas do not count.  As always, I am the arbitrary judge of all matters as it is my contest.

What shall we use as a tiebreaker?  Possibilities include:
  • Sally's ultimate occupation? 
  • the number of episodes in which Bobby has a speaking part?
  • the number of times Harry is humiliated in the final eight episodes?
  • the number of successful pitches Don makes (to clients, not to ladies) in the last eight?
So, I am now opening up the contest to both requests to be players and suggestions for the game itself.  So, comment here or tweet me or email me or facebook me if you want to play and if you have any suggestions before I make the final decisions on the rules.  I will take the first ten players or so (depending on bribes, successful advertising pitches, etc).

And the prize will be the same as always--a chance to post whatever you want at the Spew

Gin and tonics all around!
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