Friday, March 20, 2015

Twitter Fight Club 2015: The Draft!

As one of the recent finalists of Twitter Fight Club (I was second in 2013), I have the honor having one of the sections of the bracket named after me AND I get to play a role in the seeding.

Today, at 5pm, the past four finalists will take turns "drafting" the 64 people in the game.  The first four people picked will be #1 seeds, the second four people picked will be #2 seeds, and so on. This takes a bit of work out of the hands of organizer of TFC: Caitlin Fitzgerald.  Given how much work she does for this month-ish of silliness, snark, and networking, it is very least we could do.

How will I choose?  I have financed a team of data analysts from a variety of places (you know, 538, Silicon Valley, Michigan's ICPSR, Wall Street, etc) to develop an algorithm that takes into account the competitor's klout, tweet volume, number of followers and experience in previous twitter fight clubs.  I then take the subsequent ranking and move people up and down based on the quality and quantity of snark I have witnessed, their actual day jobs (working for media outlets > first year grad students), and a variety of idiosyncratic factors.  For instance, there is one player who blocks me and whom I block. I will not be drafting that player. 

I will be picking third in a snake-style draft--1 2 3 4 4 3 2 1 1 2 3 4, etc.  At the end of the tourney, the drafter who picks best (there are points for each picked player that survives each round) will be declared the winner.  I have come close to winning not just the tourney but the bracket part of the competition.  But I don't really expect to win here.  If I do, well, woot for me!

And, yes, I am releasing my strategy ahead of the draft because the other drafters are not privvy to the particular algorithm or how I have modified even that secret formula based on fairly random factors. 

Oh, and how do I know that my algorithm has face validity?  Because it results in @Hayesbrown being ranked first.  And he is the favorite heading in.  I start with chalk but will not stick to it.

Do follow the fun today at 5pm EDT at #TFC15.

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