Friday, March 27, 2015

Today's News in University Awful

We already knew that the University of Oregon is, um, mighty messed up, as it used students' records from campus counseling to defend itself from a lawsuit (one where the victim of sexual assault accused the university of protecting the perpetrators from untimely discipline).  Now, it seems Oregon may be firing the people who worked at the counseling center who resisted this effort. 

This is doubling down on the betrayal of trust.  Students should not trust any campus employee at Oregon, as they will be subjected with dismissal if the staffer takes the students interests and rights seriously.  I feel sorry for all those working at this institution, as it is now a place where the students have no assurances that their rights and well being matter.  Indeed, when it comes to it, the students who are victims are victimized again to protect the University and its athletes. 

Apparently, the school must believe that old line that there is no such thing as bad PR.  Um, there is, and this is textbook.  The effort to coverup and then punish is going to do far more damage to the university's reputation than a couple of rapists. 

If only the University of Oregon were a public school where legislators and state officials might be able to do something about it.

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