Sunday, May 3, 2015

Confidence Building Measures At Home

So, yeah, Texas.  The governor is actually deploying the Texas State Guard to monitor military exercises as there are some folks who think this is part of a conspiracy to gain control of Texas.  Conspiracy theorists imagining Obama engaging in totalitarian measures is nothing new.  But to have a sitting governor act on such silliness?  New.

I have a simple recommendation: if the governor of Texas is suspicious of the US military, how about we move the military's bases out of Texas?  This would be an excellent confidence building measure--withdrawing forces to a distance to assure a fearful population.

Sure, this would cause many jobs to be lost as these bases are major employers, but security from imaginary threats has got to be the highest priority, right?

Update:  This tweet provides some inconvenient truths for the governor:

Where should we move Fort Hood? Oklahoma should be far enough, and those folks would not mind profiting at the expense of Texas.  On the other hand, they probably have both conspiracy theorists in abundance and craven politicians, so maybe Nebraska?  Kansas?

All I can say for certain is that I am glad that I left Texas in 2002.  I enjoyed my visit last fall to Austin, but once I left, I was never applying for jobs in that state again.  Yeesh.

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