Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mad Men Ends In Life, Not Death

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Very controversial ending, but damn, the show was wonderful.  Pretty much everyone got a happy ending except... Betty.  And she was going out on her terms.  Don?  Who the hell knows?  We can read whatever we want into the ending, which was very suitable for the guy who used to write for Sopranos.

Peggy gets Stand who gets Peggy!  That they had THE conversation on the phone was perfect, and nicely timed with the Apple watch ads where folks converse across the room via their phones.

Joan becomes a Producer: Holloway Harris Productions sounds good to me. 

Roger finally sticks with an age appropriate woman who fires back when he tries to get away with stuff--Perfect.

Trudy gets her jet lifestyle and Pete, well, whatever.

Duck Phillips is not seen again, probably drunk and regretting what he did to his dog.

Greg Harris: "he is a horrible person"  or did Joan say terrible.  Anyhow, perfect.

So, at the end, no deaths, despite some tension towards the end about Don.

The players in this Mad Game of mine made such wonderfully wild guesses:
Noah only had two of his characters show up and briefly so.
Wendy had two as well, with Roger getting a heap of action along the way.
Rob had three of his characters show up in the final episodes.
Chip did the best, with four characters showing up in the final set of episodes.

Still, we have to go to the tiebreaker, since everyone in the game was 0 for 4.  The only death in the final seven episdoes was Rachel Mencken, although I would have given anyone choosing Betty the benefit of the doubt.  But she was too far down people's draft boards.

The tiebreaker was the year the show ended.  Thanks to the handy calendar at Holloway Harris Productions, the clear enddate is 1970.  Which means that Rob wins.  The prize is that he gets to Spew about whatever he wants.  Congratulations!

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