Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mad Men Game: Antepenty Time

On Wisconsin!?

I guess we would have had more action with a "who leaves McCann" pool, eh?  Joan would have been a high draft pick, of course.  Hmmm.

So, maybe Jim Hobart is our best bet for a death, since he is becoming the bad guy.  Otherwise, this episode had few hints other than Don wandering through the midwest and Ted Chaough being delighted by his circumstance. 

Other than Jim, maybe Roger, now that he has nothing left to do, now that his procrastination is done and his Joanie is out the door?

The good news is this: we got a series worth of Peggy and Roger in one episode.  That was some fantastic stuff.  And I did like Joan taking the fight to Jim even if she has to settle for 50%.

The other good news is that Sally re-appears next week while her dad visits Mount Rushmore.

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