Thursday, May 7, 2015

Tin Hat Shortage

I really wish I had invested in aluminum, as the folks who wear tin hats seem to be proliferating wildly.  This whole Jade Helm thing is just so incredibly ridiculous.

Um, how do we know the moon is not made out of cheese?  I wonder what the Venn diagram would be of those who believe the US is about to take over Texas (whatever that means) via the Jade Helm exercise and those who believe the moon landing was faked.  I would estimate the degree of overlap at 93%, but what do I know?

All I know is that Texas gets so much out of the bases in Texas and the defense contractors that moving them elsewhere, which would be delightful in my mind, would be a body blow to the Texas economy. 

That Governor Abbott and prominent GOP folks are joining this idiocy is the key thing.  There are always random conspiracy theorists who believe the strangest of things, but when they actually wield real power (to be fair the TX governor has less power than the Railroad Commissioner) or are running for President, that says something about the state of the party. 

Of course, this is where I return to a recurring theme: damn, I am glad I got out of Texas.  Bad enough to have George Bush and Rick Perry as governors, but this loony? 

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