Sunday, September 20, 2015

Civ-Mil Crisis Du Jour: British Style

Folks tend to throw about the phrase "crisis in civilian-military relations" easily.  The UK may have one:

What to do about it?  The current government needs to take action, even if it is hostile to Labour and to Corbyn.  It is simply unacceptable for generals to be uttering threats in a democracy about intervening if politician x wins.  Simply unacceptable.

I am not saying that the Conservatives need to do a witch hunt to find this guy, but they need to send the message that any officer who feels this way is unwelcome and should leave the armed forces.  The message must be sent and sent quickly and clearly.  No hemming and hawing, no "I am sorry if folks were offended." 

Again, no witch hunt but if this particular general is identified, end his/her career now.  If McChrystal stepped over the line, this guy jumped over with both feet.

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