Monday, September 28, 2015

Canada's Foreign/Defence Policy Debate

Tonight is the big foreign policy/defence policy debate for the Canadian election I was part of the advisory council that shaped the questions, but don't blame me.

I have no experience in writing debate questions, so my main contribution was trying to make this debate to be focused not just on the Mideast.  Really.  I had to remind folks that the Mideast is very, very far away.  Still, it gets most of the oxygen here. 

Given heaps of discussion about Canada's diminished role in the world, this debate will get some attention even if people will vote mostly on domestic stuff, as always. 

Anyhow, follow Stephanie Carvin​ at @StephanieCarvin as she live-tweets it for Macleans.  I am sure I will have a thing or two to say as well.

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