Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Pop Culture Rather than Copy Edit

So, there is this list of pop culture facts that I cannot ignore (because otherwise I would be copy-editing) from http://www.pajiba.com/seriously_random_lists/30-popculture-facts-that-no-one-denies.

My takes below (blue for positive/red for negative)

1. Wet Hot American Summer, Cabin Fever, and Emma Stone are all vastly overrated.
Maybe, possibly, no.
2. Rogue Nation is the best Mission Impossible movie.
3. The third Hunger Games book is the best and most realistic.
Yuck.  Third book was most depressing, confusing, least well-written.
4. Papa Johns is probably the best national pizza chain but you can’t eat it because the owner is a cockbucket.
Probably not and yes.
5. A hot dog is a sandwich
6. The Village is a borderline excellent movie that would garner unanimous praise if it was M Night Shyamalan’s first film.
No, hell, no.  The movie was just dumb and not that engaging.  Give me Unbreakable everyday and twice on Sunday.
7. George RR Martin will die before he finishes writing Game of Thrones.
8. The hero of It’s a Wonderful Life is Mary Bailey. This is not up for debate.
There is a hero in this movie.
9. Paul is the best Beatle.
Concur.  John Lennon might have been more insightful, but was also entirely too annoying.
10. HBO’s The Sopranos and Oz do not hold up very well.
Maybe and don't know.  Still haven't seen Oz.
11. Adnan did it.
12. Hermione and Ron would have been divorced by the time their kids started Hogwarts.
People crap on this relationship all the time, and I disagree. The brain and the comedic relief seem like a good combo to me.
13. Fuck you hipsters, Return of the Jedi was better than Empire Strikes Back
As much as I like Return (more so than most folks), no.   See here for some explanation.
14. August should only have 30 days.
Now I know these list writers are high.  NO. See yesterday's post.
15. Ben Affleck has been the lead in as many or more good movies as Will Smith.
16. Pumpkin spice flavoring is just cinnamon sugar for grownups.
17. CharDee MacDennis is a better made up game than True American. And Cones of Dunshire.
18. Friends is more rewatchable than Seinfeld.
19. Tom Cruise is the best action star working right now.
No.  He is good at action, but he does not make me care.  Chris Pratt has this crown until Oscar Isaac or John Boyega take it away this winter.
20. In Bruge was a better aughts film than Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
21. Baby-eating Snowpiercer Chris Evans > all other Chris Evanseseses
Nope, Cap.
22. 2001: A Space Odyssey is fucking unwatchable.
23. 90 percent of Dazed and Confused is terrible.
Nope.  Alright, alright, alright.
24. One of the very best Pajiba commenters is a Republican.
25. Those mobile hijacking ads are there to test readers’ loyalty.
26. Serenity was a better movie than Firefly was a series.
Not sure.
27. Veronica and Logan should not have ended up together.
Not sure.
28. Buffy was the worst part of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
29. Ren and Stimpy was the best 90’s kid show, except that it wasn’t a kid’s show, thereby making Clarissa Explains It All the best 90’s kid show.
Too old too judge.
30. Cadbury Creme Eggs are the best holiday-themed candy in existence.

tl;dr: I fell for clickbait craptastic list because I didn't want to copy-edit my manuscript


Anonymous said...

"Fuck you hipsters, Return of the Jedi was better than Empire Strikes Back"

We need a government-imposed cap on the usage of the word 'hipster'.

Anonymous said...

Would prefer we excised the excruciating "meh".