Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Countdown to Queen, One Day Left

One of the big surprises of our time in Canada is that I have ended up playing for more ultimate here than I did in the US.  In Montreal, I tended to play all four seasons, and three games a week during many summers (four games a week during the summer I chauffeured Kid Spew to her ultimate games).  In Ottawa, I play on two teams in the summer and one team in the fall.  I have played a couple of winters, but not this year--I was too slow (just like my defence) to sign up.

Anyhow, to mark this pivotal piece of my Canadian life (so many fun people I have met through ultimate in Montreal and now Ottawa), my last pre-citizen pic is thus:
Three Canadian bandanas (yes, one ironic inclusion), McGill ultimate disk that was
given to me when I left McG, and a Canada disk I purchased on the most recent Canada Day.

I am celebrating my Canadian citizenship tomorrow night by playing my last game of the fall season--a game that starts at 9:30pm--bound to be cold.  A great way to finish a great day.

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