Monday, October 5, 2015

When Characters Become Unredeemable

I watched this first season of Fear the Walking Dead with dread:
(spoilers below)

Because the old show, Walking Dead, has heaps of problems, and I feared that Fear would repeat them.  So far, killing each African-American character as soon as a second one shows up?  Check.

Dumb characters doing incredibly dumb stuff?  Check.

And one can go one. But let me just point out how truly awful our "heroes" are.

To rescue their family members from the clutches of the US government (quite different from the cannibals of WD last year), they released a few thousand zombies and then lured them to the base.  This is after leaving their suburb without warning anyone that the military was leaving and leaving the big gate open.  So, they basically endangered everyone else to get three people out.  Talk about the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many.... Oh, and given that the military was pulling out, they could have waited ... a day.  They could have waited outside the base until the army left.  There would be some risk, but they would not be directly causing the deaths of at least dozens of people.

So, yeah, irredeemable, I think.  

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