Friday, October 9, 2015

The Ultimate Rewatchable Movies

538 has a list of the most re-watchable movies that is not terribly scientific--based on number of nominations not actual votes.  Also, it is missing Back to the Future, so that is an epic fail right there.

What are the most re-watchable movies according to me?
  1. Raiders of the Lost Ark (not on their list).  I dare you to walk in a room at any point in the movie and then try to walk away.  
  2. Princess Bride.  Yes, it is on the 538 list, and high on both male and female lists.
  3. Star Wars.  The 538 lists can conflate series and movie.  I will be lazy and just say series as long as everyone understands that Star Wars refers to Star Wars, Empire, Return and not the prequels which are not at all rewatchable.  Indeed, they cause pain and suffering and all that other dark side stuff.
  4. Back to the Future.  There is a reason why it is on often--it is easy to get sucked in again and again.  The second is about or more rewatchable for the vision of 2015 and then watching the first movie from a different angle.  The third is very rewatchable but not top ten...
  5. Die Hard. The first one.  The others?  Not very.  But the first one is so very.
  6. Harry Potter.  As long as we understand this references to Azkaban first, then the last movie, and so on
  7. Pulp Fiction.  So many great scenes that when you walk in part way, you want to see the next scene and the next and then then next.  Very addictive.  Could be higher.
  8. Stardust.  Yep, the closest thing we have to Princess Bride since Princess Bride.  Underrated and incredibly re-watchable. 
  9. The Incredibles.  Other pixar movies could appear here as well, but this is the one that just has great bit and after great bit, keeping one engaged.  "Where is my super-suit?"
  10. Karate Kid?  Gremlins? Breakfast Club. Insert wacky 1980s cheesy movie.  Wait, Ferris Bueller goes in this spot, no doubt.  If one switches the channel and finds FB before this scene, then one has to wait for it, right?
  11. Hot Fuzz and Galaxy Quest! Thanks, Mrs. Spew.
No, no Lord of the Rings--too damned long, each and every one of them.  Godfather is great, but again long.  I have not re-watched in forever, which means I am very due.  Might put it on my list once I do.  Matrix?  Temptation is watered down by what happens after that first movie.  Grease?  I get it, but no.  Shawshank?  Again, I get it, but not ahead of these movies.  Hmmm, no rom com's up here despite my love of them.  Joe vs. the Volcano might be at the top of that list.  Fast Times?  Sort of but perhaps too much painful embarrassment stuff.


Alex Usher said...

A good list. Would add: Wrath of Khan. Undiscovered Country for the Cold War references. Slap Shot. Bull Durham.

For romcoms: French Kiss. But a shout also for the Saudi version of Four Weddings and a Funeral (much shorter since they take out the sex scenes, making the movie much less comprehensible)

Steve Saideman said...

Bull Durham and Wrath of Khan are very rewatchable. As much of a ST fan as I am, I have never had any inclination to see Undiscovered Country again.

Could come up a new list: most rewatchable Kevin Costner movie?
No Way Out might be the surprise, but Bull Durham, Untouchables, and Field of Dreams are all good ones but all may fall short of ....

Silverado--eminently rewatchable.

Alex Usher said...

Never seen it. But now that you mention it, I will always watch Field of Dreams, no matter what.