Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Possession Arrow Goes To?

I cannot help but get really dark and cynical about stuff sometimes.  As the Russians have overflown Turkish territory in their efforts to help Assad against the various (mostly non-ISIS) rebels, the question of how should/will Turkey respond arises.  And my first, gut, response is: isn't the possession arrow pointing at NATO? 

In non-NBA basketball, jump balls only occur at the beginning of the game.  Otherwise, possession goes to the team that did not get it the last time--as demarcated by the possession arrow.  How does this apply here?

Well, the last plane (MH17) was shot down by the Russians, so isn't it a member of NATO's turn to shoot down a Russian plane?  Yes, that is mighty dark and bitter--that we can/should trade off catastrophic decisions.  My turn, your turn, my turn again. 

But if there is a country on the planet that has the least amount of legitimacy in griping about getting a plane shot down, right now that would be Russia, eh?  Food for thought?  Only if you like bitter gristle.

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