Sunday, November 8, 2015

Governing in the Twitter Age

Not sure if it is the internet, if it is specifically twitter, or if it is just after nine years of Conservative government, but, damn, people are impatient.  They seem to expect Justin Trudeau and his new team to do everything NOW.  Yes, he made a bunch of promises, and he may not need to have Parliament to formally approve many of the elements of the platform.  But it has been less than a week.
Yes, Trudeau will pull the Canadian fighter planes out of Iraq/Syria (well, based in Kuwait but you know).  But that decision, already discussed/announced via phone call with Obama, is not that simple. The question remains: which assets will stay in theatre, which ones will come home, and if the promise to do more training means something, then what the package of trainers will look like.

There may be some more strikes the past week or so as the planes are deployed in reaction to events on the ground and available targets can be identified.  Until the CF commander in the field, BG Lise Bourgon, gets new orders, she will keep on ordering strikes as long as the coalition asks her to contribute.

So, give it some damned time. 

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