Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Bright Side to a Trump Nomination/Presidency

My students like to cause me pain.  In yesterday's class on US Foreign and Defence Policy, after students presented on the US and the South China Sea, I asked what is likely to happen in the future.  And a few said, well, President Trump ....  and I just #headdesk.

But I realized that there are some upsides to Trump getting the nomination or even winning the presidency.  Really?  Really.

Ok, just one kind of upside: Selection Reality Shows.  First, Trump would have the hit of the summer as he uses a reality show to pick his running mate.  The ratings would be huuuuge.  NBC would welcome him back and it would save the network.  Then, after Trump wins the election, he would be able to have an unending reality show--first to staff his cabinet--you are hired!  And then televised cabinet meetings where a cabinet officer is fired at the end of each meeting. 

Yep, it has come to bread and circuses.  It will all lead to this:

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