Saturday, November 28, 2015

Pondering Podcasting or Ponderous Podcasting

After taping a segment for a CBC radio program (to be broadcast sometime on December 6th with to be posted eventually) to discuss the use of sci-fi for the teaching of IR, Stephanie Carvin (who was anti- and thus wrong) and I (pro) started talking about doing a podcast to talk about international relations, Canadian foreign policy and whatever. 

It got some immediate interest from our friends and a couple of potential outlets.  So, I asked the following:
Only 20% thought it was a really bad idea or thought that "A Really Bad Idea" might be the right name for the podcast.

We are still thinking about it, so any ideas for titles, for stuff to cover, for ideas about organizing or any insights into what should or should not go into this adventure, let us know.  

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Anonymous said...

Some name suggestions off the top of my head:

- 'IR From Ottawa'
- 'Steph vs. Steve' (because 'Even Stevphen' will likely get you a call from Viacom)
- 'Making the Peace' (paraphrased from the Peacekeeping Monument