Friday, November 6, 2015

Lisbon: Tripping Through the City

I was lucky to get a second day of nice weather in Lisbon.  Indeed, I wish I brought summer clothes as it was plenty warm.  I was the only person in town with a baseball hat on, but I prefer not to burn up top.  

Fun with furniculars!  A short ride, chock full of tourists.  But funky.  And let to a spot with great views.
 Aforementioned great views
Lots of funky trees in Lisbon.  This one served as an umbrella in a park.
One of most unique things I have seen--paintings that usually hang inside a museum on the outside. 

See explanation of outdoor art to the right:

 I spent most of the morning and afternoon just slightly west of the center of downtown--lots of bars and restaurants and very narrow roads. 
 On the beach, there were these interesting planters/benches--you can sit on one side and the tree sticks out the other.
 Not San Francisco but kind of similar--orange even.
 Pedestrian area in middle of downtown with the most aggressive folks hawking their restaurants.   I ate already, geez. 
Not just furniculars but elevators.  Long line so not for me.

Three T’s of Lisbon: Trees, Triptasic, Talky
Lots of really nice, funky trees (see pic above)
They are very much into tiles, so the streets can have more than a few edges to trip over and I did.  No harm and only a smidge of embarassment.
Portuguese folks seem to talk a lot.  Does not sound like Spanish, but strangely closer to Russian

Pay toilet in train station---only .50 Euros but I guess that subsidizes the contents of the magazine rack.  Yep, providing reading material for the loo.  First time I saw that.  The other thing I don't think I have seen before--rather than putting the numbers on the hotel doors, the room numbers are on the floor in front or beside the door.

I had a very nice time in Lisbon, and am very grateful for all of the patient and enthusiastic waiters/hosts that I encountered.  A short trip since the middle was occupied with military exercises, but I got a lot out of it.

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