Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Fair vs. Unfair Criticism/Comments

One of the general rules of decency for job talks that frequently gets violated is to ask questions that push the candidate within the scope/framework that the candidate has chosen.  Instead, what frequently happens is this kind of question: "why didn't you do the project the way I would have done the project?"  

Why am I talking about this?  Because I am miffed.  I have had a bit of a problem with Windows 10, which has been mostly good thus far.  It tends to want to do things when I connect my phone.  All I want to do is charge my phone and sometimes move some files around.  I don't want to be asked repeatedly about W10 looking for files or wanting to set something up.  I griped about it, and, inevitable as the sun coming up, someone said: get a mac.

My basic answer: fuck off.  I have what I have, which ain't a mac.  I need to fix what I have and not spend heaps on apple products.  That is what my daughter is for.  Oh, and me, too, with my ipad and ipod. 

If someone complains while being on a Delta flight, telling them to use airline x is not of much help.  Indeed, I use United, which gets a heap of abuse and rightly so.  But it works for me plus heaps of path dependence.

So, the internet/twitter rule should be: help the person with what they have and don't evangelize about your favorite kind of system. 

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