Friday, February 12, 2016

Other/Self Promotion

Tis a strange moment today where I was taping an ad for Carleton University's Faculty of Public Affairs to promote two events that will promote my new book (have you heard of it?).  Both events are on February 25th.  The first is virtual: I take over the @fpacarleton twitter account and respond to questions from 11:30-1:30.  I am thinking of having this account recommend heaps of raises!  The second event is Author Meets Readers, a panel discussion about the new book with three experts: Phil Lagassé of U of Ottawa, Ambassador Elissa Golberg (who was the senior rep for Canada in Kandahar--the RoCK), and Lt. Gen.  (ret) Stu Beare (former commander of Canadian Joint Operations Command).  This will be at Irene's Pub at 5:30-7.

While I was typing this, one of my former students posted this on facebook:
Oh, and this talk is a day after this one.  So, my Winter Break will be full of talk in Quebec.

UPDATE: The video is now available

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