Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Really Important Reality TV Show

I figure that if Trump wins the GOP nomination, which is looking increasingly likely despite everything I predicted/believed/hoped, the big question is this: who is his VP?

I am guessing that Trump will create a reality TV show to figure out who will be his running mate.  But regardless of the mechanism by which he chooses a VP nominee, the big question is who is it.

Why?  Because I would bet that a Trump Presidency would not last four years.  If Congress would try to impeach Bill Clinton over the Lewinsky perjury trap, I am sure that Trump would do something far more suitable for impeachment.  Impeaching Trump is something that the Dems and GOP could agree upon in both House and Senate even if Trump does not give them cause.  And he almost surely would.

I wonder if the Vegas folks are doing the research to come up with an over/under on how long a Trump Presidency would go before impeachment proceedings would start.  If the line is anything over 1.5 years, I would bet the under big time.

So, what happens after a short-lived Trump Presidency?  Depends on who the VP is.  The ratings for that reality TV show are going to be yuuuuge, given that this is the biggest question of the summer.

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