Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Insulting Insults: US Election Edition

Small hands/fingers? Really?  How incredibly lame.  While Rubio can imply that Trump's small hands imply a small penis and thus overcompensation, it is a pretty lousy insult.  Of course, I have small hands, too small to quarterback in the NFL, so I might be taking this personally.  Similarly, I get annoyed about "mouth breather" as an insult since I am permanently congested and what does breathing through one's mouth imply anyway?

Anyhow, size does matter... Of  one's heart.  trump, Cruz and Rubio all have hearts that make the grinch's (pre enlargement) heart seem yuge. That Rubio cannot beat two incredibly detestable people is an indictment of Rubio, big or small handed.  

From here out, the challenge for Hillary Clinton is to attack Trump cleverly: to demonstrate that she can be strong but not strident, smart but not condescending, etc.  All of this is harder for women due to sexism.  However, she does have a key advantage: Trump is pure, unadulterated slime.... That even some conservatives are running away from.

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