Monday, October 24, 2016

Down with Dynasties

I have been seeing this lately:
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No.  No thanks.  As much as I would like to see an endless string of Democrats and women in the White House, I'd like for US politics to be more than about name recognition.  After all, where would Trump be without name recognition? 

One reason why I supported Obama in 2008 is that the idea of cycling between Bush Clinton Bush Clinton seemed terribly un-democratic to me.  Obama broke the cycle, and I'd like to see HRC serve two terms and then have another Democrat take over (unless the GOP can produce a reasonable moderate [sorry, I had to stop typing for a second because I couldn't breathe from laughing too hard].  I don't want Michelle Obama to run nor do I want the kids of either HRC or MO. 

And, in case everyone forgets, Michelle Obama is popular not just because she is a super, dynamic, sharp, charismatic person, but also because she has not taken too many political stances that would offend one group or another, besides her pro-eating healthy stuff.  So, if she were to run, her popularity would decline as she would take stances on issues.

I certainly don't want Michelle or Barack Obama to disappear from the public stage--they represent so much, they articulate so well key policy stances and all that.  But next President after HRC?  No thanks.

Call me a dynasty party pooper.

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Anonymous said...

Michelle has already said that she wouldn't run for public office in the future (no surprise, given the shit the Obamas have gone through over the past 8 years).

Much of this talk over dynasties has been an aftereffect of the 2010/2014 Congressional losses, which - despite the deep bench of HRC surrogates - wiped out a lot of young Democratic political talent that would've run for POTUS in 2024. It's likely that whoever the nominee will be then is not on our radar today.