Monday, October 17, 2016

Trump is Unnerving

My first interview of the morning was spent reassuring Japanese military officer that Trump is not going to win.  But Brexit!  No, not Brexit, as US polling is more/better, as US is more diverse, as Trump can't spell GOTV, and on and on.  

Tis strange to be applying my sabbatical mission abroad--but easier to make the case now than a few months ago, even if this was pretty predicatable.  Still, it is striking that outsiders are still very nervous. 


Anonymous said...

Also a tad bit ironic, considering Japan's social conservatism and ethnic homogenity that are causing much of its demographic and economic problems.

Sunil said...

Trump won't win. I mean it looks like there are a lot of ignorant, fearful and racist Americans, but after watching the last presidential debate, I just cannot see a majority voting for this clown. Ok they elected Bush twice so you never know right?