Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Dusty Au Revoir

I could not watch Obama's Farewell Address live as I was traveling to Nagano to interview a former defense minister.  So, I finally got to watch it tonight from my hotel room, and I am putting it here so that I can find it easily in the future

Of course, one could read this speech as one big subtweet towards Trump, but that would diminish the moment and the meaning.  It was a terrific discussion of the threads to democracy, not just here but everywhere else.  When people say he was a weak leader, I will point to this speech. 

Obama was hardly perfect, and I will always be frustrated with how he did not reverse the accumulation of executive power.  But as this speech demonstrates yet again, the man is not only smart and perceptive, but generous and kind and full of grace and class.  So, yeah, I got teary eyed as he did, thanking his family and the Bidens and the rest.  Watching Malia and Michelle and Jill trying to hold it together was pretty special.

Anyhow, it will be interesting to see what role Obama plays in the difficult years ahead.  All I can do know is be thankful for what he has done and to embrace the good stuff that he brought along.  Oh, and thanks for bringing Joe along, too.

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