Saturday, January 14, 2017

Post-Symposium Tourism: Japan's a Winter Wonderland!

Japan's west coast puts "lake effect snow" into some perspective.  Today, the folks who participated in yesterday's symposium were driven around to various museums through some serious snow.  Alas, it meant having to drop the sake brewery from our itinerary (we made up for it later as our hotel has a "sake museum).  So, some pics as it did happen:

Gatling gun from Japan's civil wars

Uniting Japan was mighty hard

On the way to museum memorializing fire raid

Surviving pieces of incendiary bomb

Shibata castle

Army training, sir

We were at a regiment's museum.  This regiment had
a very busy World War II

A relatively recently dug up American bomb

Yep, Japan sent troops to do reconstruction in Iraq

Japan has done some PKO

Recruiting women

Our group of tourists

David Welch choosing among more
than a hundred sakes.  500 yen get
you five tokens for five samples. Yum.

This region has many, many sake distilleries

Steamed at the table, one of many
dishes we had.  Still full

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