Monday, January 9, 2017

Accidental Tourist Report, Day Two, January 2017

Looking for the ceremony at the Meiji Shrine
Like yesterday, intent and reality diverged.  Today is Coming of Age Day, where women who turn 20 may dress up in the classic garb and go though some kind of ceremony.   I was told where such stuff might be happening, but didn't find the right spot until late in the day.  I then felt awkward outside the building, so I didn't go in.  So much for that.  But along the way?  Heaps of fun signs, great food and interesting sights.

 One basic tendency I observed was for people to line up at major stores before they open.  The holiday meant stores were opening at 11, so I saw plenty of lines along my walk.
Funky food shack

Berlin Wall?
I entered an interesting mall and found this exhibit!
Candy as art!
Ice cream cones as flowers
Was Ben and Jerry's

 The exhibit was very interesting, but not quite the performance art I was expecting.  Still, I got some sweets along the way.
Awfully cocky there, Nike
And then I found a bunch of fun signs.

Lots of pretty cool stuff

My life philosophy just changed

A clothing store, so I was really confused
Interesting candy store with candy being made while we watched
Making candy

Finally, the site of the ceremony and two young women who have been/will be going through the rite of passage.

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