Monday, January 9, 2017

Old Tactics, New Media

I love this so much (h/t Stephanie Carvin)

So, NATO countries are working together to teach the Baltic countries how to stop a Russian invasion.  Woot.  So much comes up here.
  1. Obviously, the classic Monty Python Lumberjack sketch 
  2. Abatisi or Abatisses showed up in a Jack Reacher book a ways back.
  3. That the soldier doing the briefing is Canadian is so perfect.  Non-violent means to stymie an attack.  Woot, eh!
  4. I suddenly realized that the Dave and Steve book might apply: that countries with Green parties in coalition might impose restrictions on their forces, preventing them from Abatis-ing.  Environmental caveats?  
  5. Yet more evidence NATO is signaling not just to its own publics but to Russia--that an invasion would be costly.  
  6. Puts a different spin on the whole anti-access area denial stuff.  For the cost of a chain saw or two...
I don't mean to mock--this is serious stuff--preparing for war.  There is a lot going on in Eastern Europe right now, with everyone waiting for January 20th and what uncertainty that will breed.

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