Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Investigating Sexual Harassment

Because of what I wrote here last March, I have received a number of media inquiries about sexual harassment in universities, including at McGill.  The problem is that I can only give these reporters so much information since I was not the one who was harassed. Given that McGill ultimately failed to respond adequately, I am not surprised that victims don't come forward.  Because McGill, like many other institutions, throws a cloak of confidentiality over these events, it is hard to assess what happened and what happens to the perpetrators.  Reporters who approached me last winter were not able to get any documentation from McGill. 

And this is not just a McGill thing, as I was most recently contacted by Hilary Beaumont of VICE News, who is looking into the broader story across Canada. So, if you have information about this case or others, read on and perhaps provide some info.

Hello, I'm a staff reporter with VICE News based in Toronto and I'm interested in speaking to anyone who has experienced sexual harassment, assault or inappropriate behavior from a professor, faculty member or person in a position of power at a Canadian university. I'm interested in knowing what happened and how the school responded. You can contact me at hilary.beaumont@vice.com.

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