Thursday, January 19, 2017

Too Busy To Tourist? Almost

My trip to Japan is nearing its end, although the joy of South Korean impeachment means I will be back in Japan in June (I am already committed to be in this part of the world for a conference, so I will do more research here while things in South Korea shake out).

So, I do have some pictures of my second week:

Part of my collection of strange signs

I have spent more time in this part of Tokyo than any other part
part of non-North America except for London

Can't take pics inside, but Lower House of Diet is much nicer
than the Upper House (or perhaps the UH library)

Outside of Lower House

After my presentation organized by
the SSRC and Japan Foundation, they took
me to dinner.  This was just one of many
dishes.  Oh my

When I was here last time, this space was used for
a funky art exhibit.  Now?  Selling the 2020 games.

And yes, since I moved to Canada, I happen
across ice rinks everywhere I go.

For a pacifist country, the school uniforms of their kids
can only be described as martial.

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