Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Truly Important Question

It has been revealed that Trump has a big button on his desk that leads to him receiving a Coke.  Woot for him (and for those of us on TeamStroke).  But, of course, it raises the question: what would I want if I could have one regular thing delivered to me if I had a button to push. The answer would, of course, be chocolate chip cookies. 

But if it has to be a beverage, here's my preferences (with the proviso that I wouldn't care about my weight/health in any kind of stressful job that comes with a button-activated butler):
  1. Hot chocolate.  Sugar and heat to stimulate when I am sleepy/tired/bored.
  2. Wheat beer.  Probably not good to have too often, but a good way to take a bit of the edge off.  Which brand?  Well, the White House had a beer thing going under Obama, so I'd bring that back.
  3. Vanilla milkshake.  Ok, a Baileys milkshake.
  4. Tripel.
  5. Tea with a heap of sugar.
  6. Mojito--for when I really want to be upset about US sugar protectionism.
  7. Baileys and Frangelico.
  8. Baileys (yes, I have a sweet tooth, you got a problem with that?).
  9. A nice stout with maple notes.
  10. A glass of cold water.
No, no scotch--or else I would be hammered.

1 comment:

Rob said...

where is the sake? After seeing you in Japan I would have thought sake would be at least number 4...