Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Worst Secretary of State

After reading that Rex Tillerson is going to meet with Putin after saying he wasn't, and after saying yesterday that the US wanted regime change in Syria shortly before SecDef Mattis and Trump both denied that was a goal, I had to ponder this:

It is a twitter poll.  But you can comment below with your own candidate.  Sure, Tillerson has only has a few months in office, but Mike Flynn seized the crown of worst National Security Adviser Ever (easier since position didn't exist before 1947) from Condoleezza Rice.  Well, being a Russian agent made that easy.  Oh, and being crazy.

So, Tillerson is an amateur.  We knew that.  He has little help since he has not been able to fill in the four layers under him: DepSecState, UnderSecState, AssistantSecState, DeputyAssistantSecState.  Yet he also shows little self-awareness, not much of a learning curve and a hostility to many of the basic parts of the job.  So, is he the worst?  If not, who was worse than Tillerson?

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